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This building is a transformation from four flat house into a language center. The facade of the buiding is designed in lowcost and to be constructed as fast as possible in order to open for students in late 2019. The building is conpose of 22 classrooms to welcome more then 2000 students in the upcoming years. Each room has at least one window to garentee to in flow of fresh air during the days and to reduce the use of airconditioner. The present of metal louver the the front facade is to reduce the direct sunlight and heat into the classrooms.


Dr. Mengly J. Quach


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Project Year


Project Timing

6 Months


MJQE Construction & Design

Project Head



During my precious time at MJQ Education Plc., I have gained notable experience related to both site and drawing work. The list below is the summerize of my daily basis work. 

Aii Chroy Changva


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Phnom Penh, Cambodia